Christmas 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here we celebration FIVE Christmases:

1. The McGrath Family Christmas (12/22)
2. Friends Dinner & Gift Swap (12/23 – Not on video)
3. Christmas Eve with all the grandparents at home (12/24)
4. Christmas Morning with Grandma & Pop McGrath (12/25)
5. A Merry Lockwood Christmas & Yankee Swap (12/25)

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, and these videos below only capture a fraction of the magic that I feel during the holidays. Enjoy!

McGrath Family Christmas
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

It’s That Time Of Year Again!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  It’s become tradition in our house that we spend Black Friday together decking the halls! Thanksgiving is over, so Christmas gets our full attention.  We put away the Fall/Harvest decorations, take out the tree, deck the halls, decorate the tree, and everything in between.

This year, Noelle is starting to “get it.”  Last year, she couldn’t be bothered to decorate the tree or anything; this year, she grabbed some candy canes to hang on the tree even before Cate or I could say anything to her about it or even show her the right way to do it (Noelle has to do everything herself – Mommy and Daddy cannot help at all).  Mackenzie is our little elf who tagged along to watch the whole thing.

Tag along and deck the halls for Christmas with our little happy family!


This.  This right here is what the holidays, to me, are all about.   Family, laughter, inside jokes, stories, good food, even better desserts, kids laughing and screaming and jumping on beds and running around together.

Growing up, my cousins on my dad’s side of the family and I would get together for big holidays (mostly Christmas) and we (all the kids) would lose complete track of time from running around, playing games, beating each other in games on the Nintendo or Super Nintendo, pick at the snacks and finger foods and barely touch the real food the adults prepared for dinner, sing and dance, and generally avoid all the adults because they sat around doing the boring stuff like talking.  I actually found some small clips of that from Christmas Eve in 1989 and once more on Christmas 1995, but video doesn’t quite capture the magic of family through the eyes of a child as one can only experience it.

This Thanksgiving, though, I believe we’ve begun giving all our kids the same experience we had growing – that magic of when the cousins all get together: that it’s nothing but non-stop fun and energy.  For that, I give thanks to all our family and loved ones who help make this possible.