Christmas 2019

This was a crazy Christmas season this year! We split up our celebrations in that we wound up having at least five Christmases over the course of 12/21 through 12/25. This year, Noelle is four years old and Mackenzie is one year old. Noelle is starting to understand everything about Christmas, and her favorite thing at this point is ALL THE PRESENTS!

Here are some highlights of the season with my family. Enjoy!

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny visited Noelle, and he also left a little something behind for Mackenzie as well! Spring is in the air as we celebrated Easter with the whole family over.

Easter Egg Hunt (1 Week Early)

Last weekend we got the family and cousins together for an early Easter Egg Hunt. Noelle helped us fill the eggs earlier that morning with breakfast cereals and some chocolates, though I’m pretty sure she did not know she was preparing for her own egg hunt later that day. We then headed to her grandparents’ house and her cousins came over shortly thereafter. They spent the majority of the afternoon outside playing, running around, getting carted around in Grandpa’s beach cart, hunting for Easter eggs, and then throwing balls around (and screaming with joy for some reason). The girls always have a blast whenever they get together and this past weekend was no exception!

This is one of the first full family videos we have with Mackenzie and Waverly together as babies and not newborn infants; we’re starting to see their little personalities shine through and they fit right in with their cousins.

New Camera for Home Videos

Just testing out a new camera for vlogging home videos around the house. Here are the girls playing around the house, Noelle helping with Kenzie’s bath time, Noelle versus the big Minnie & Daisy puzzle, and a quick stroll around the neighborhood.